IT Risk comes to the forefront

Posted: 22nd October 2013 by Rich in Uncategorized

Much has been said recently about the cloud. It seems like every company it now touting their cloud capabilities. If you live in the world of risk management, you may view cloud with some trepidation. But fret not. Cloud is going to provide those of us who try to prevent bad things from happening with capabilities we could only have dreamed of in the past. Where many of my clients have a single IT center or even a single server, cloud will enable them to obtain the kinds of workplace and IT diversity that they have always longed for. Instead of settling for a just tape backup or even online backup, cloud will enable you to determine where and how you may want your data protected and recovered. More importantly, the use of virtualization as a foundation technology for cloud will enable companies to seamlessly recover their servers and app data and restore operations away from regional events. What REALLY excites me is the capabilities this brings to mitigating risks that in the past seemed insurmountable.

But it gets even better. Smarter Business Resilience in the Cloud is all about anticipating and responding to events before they happen rather then reacting. If your company is the patient, any doctor will tell you it is better to respond to something then react. As you look at cloud solutions that begin to be offered by companies, ask some pointed questions:

- Does the provider have the depth of services to address all my needs?
- Do they have the geographic reach to ensure my company is really protected or did I swap my single-point-of-failure for their single-point-of-failure?
- Does this provider have the history of service that assures me they can perform as advertised?
- Is mitigating risk core to their business or is it a side line business that is more akin to a “oh yeah, we can do that too” type arrangement?
- Is there a company that has the resources to really support me in the cloud or are they running with a few people and a prayer?

The cloud is not something to be feared but another tool in the business resilience toobox. But a tool is only as good as its manufacturer. As my father always told me, never buy cheap tools. You end up wasting more time and eventually having to buy the better tool anyway.

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Business Resilience is not so much a single topic as it is an umbrella of several topics. It was always my vision to bring disaster recovery, high availability, business continuity, security and compliance together under one strategy. Only by looking at these areas together can a company truly create strategy that affords them the kind of integrated, cohesive strategy that could handle both negative and positive threats. In this blog we will explore each of these areas and discuss how changing technologies, processes, organizational structures, software applications and database and facilities can greatly influence a companies ability to maintain continuous operations while being challenged by demands, opportunities and threats.

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